About Wakanda

Application development is at the core of who we are and what we do. But that's only one part of a much bigger, global story.

Our company story

When an end-to-end JavaScript platform leads to an application development company…

From an R&D project in the 4D group to a growing international company. Wakanda has come a long way.

Laurent Ribardière alongside Asmae Benkirane launched the Wakanda platform project with the ambition of revolutionizing the development, deployment, and maintenance of mobile and desktop applications.

In the eight years since Wakanda’s launch, we created and helped customers build custom mobile and web applications worldwide. Our specialties cover experience design, accelerated product development, rapid prototyping and minimum viable product (MVP) projects, and also team augmentation.

Our values

The values that drive how we work

Our work focuses on technology, but we place human relationships at the heart of our company’s values. That’s the reason we work to create a culture and workplace focused on people and families. 

At Wakanda we love technology, and we also value the genuine relationships we forge in our work environment.

Meet our leadership team

Wakanda has an expert team of app designers, developers and leaders.


Laurent Ribardière

CTO & Co-founder

Laurent has audaciously made his mark on IT history for thirty years with his software innovations. In 1984, when Apple launched the first Macintosh, he wrote ABC Base, the first graphical relational database management system, which became 4D.

As founder of the 4D group, over which he presides, Laurent is a self-made man. As CTO, he oversees the development of Wakanda in order to offer users the best Web and mobile experience and to meet the present and future needs of enterprise.


Asmae Benkirane

CEO & Co-founder

Asmae has 25 years of experience in software development. She has solidified her career within the 4D group, where she fills the position of Vice President and Deputy CEO. With a degree in engineering and IT from the Ecole Centrale d’Electronique, Asmae began her career at RMT (Roland Moreno Technology).

Via her rich managerial experience and her profile as an engineer, Asma has a fine comprehension of the needs of enterprises. As CEO, she manages Wakanda’s business strategy.


Ricardo Mello

Chief Commercial Officer

Ricardo has that rare quality of being able to combine high-level experience as a developer with his experience as head of international client sales.

With his combined expertise in computer engineering and marketing, Ricardo Mello has detailed knowledge of the stakes involved for companies in the digital transformation and the various problems that business lines come up against.

Ricardo is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

Life at Wakanda

We’re a multilingual and multicultural company.