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Focus in your business and let us handle the rest. We’re a software Development company that we’ll help you create highly engaging digital experiences for web and mobile.


We always start by a Non-disclosure Agreement to make sure your Intellectual Property is safe and secure.

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Whether you’re a one-person startup or a medium firm, Wakanda offers you the best price to fit your needs, wants and stay on your budget.

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Use our thirty-years expertise in app development to create a solid custom mobile and web app faster than ever before.

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Do you want a specific part of your project or an app from A to Z? We’re here for you to handle all the development process.

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For a fraction of the cost and without the risk.

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We design, build and support websites and apps for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.

WOW what a week!

Your team has done a SuperFantastic job with the application. I rode on the elementary school bus Thursday morning and everything went well. The kids all want to participate and get an ID ! Great news is we have received approval to provide the entire bus system to all grades in their School.
Greg Grillo - The tracking bus system

Fantastic feedback

I can eliminate the bottleneck in my system and really appreciate the thought your team put into the options - I will study those this evening. My users LOVE the mobile app. It was notable how your team was able to create that UX with not that much CSS/HTML. Oh, the value of CSS/HTML deep experience!!
Kirk Royster - Mark Barclay Ministries

We're about to blow this thing out of the water!

Folks, we have finally kicked off The Career Card with our first client. Bammm!! We had a few minor issues solved immediately by the Wakanda team! I would like to have a call on Monday to talk about another client!
Chad Dubea - Career Card

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We’re part of 4D Inc. and we serve our customers worldwide in multiple offices and development centers across the globe.

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